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Items Prohibited from entry

List of Items prohibited from entry to the prison complex:
1- All kind of clothes.
2- All kind of medicines.
3- All types of food and beverages.
4- All kind of mobile phones, mobile accessories or any other means of communication in addition to calling cards.
5 - All types of cigarettes, tobacco and lighters for visitors are prohibited, sealed packs are allowed for employees.
6 - All types of sharp items (razors - knife - scissors - nail clippers - medical needles).
7 - All kinds of children toys and objects simulating to weapons.
8- All types of wires, ropes and chains.
9 - All kinds of perfumes and perfumes of all kinds and incense.
10 - All cosmetics (make-up) and glass mirrors.
11 - It is forbidden to enter any cash amounts to the prison site either for visitors nor employees except (3 dinars) per day for employees of the central - general - female - information and follow - up and operations sections.
12 - All gold or fake accessories (chains - rings - earring - non medical glasses - necklace).
13. Identities that do not belong to the same person are prohibited.
14- All types of narcotic and sedative (pills - powder - herbs - etc...).
15 - All electrical and battery operated appliances.
16- All kinds of discs, flashes, computers and their equipments.
17. All types of newspapers and magazines (printed and audion visual).
18- All types of photographs. 19 - special messages and letters exchage between visitor and resident.
20- The bank's debit card.
21. Any visitor who has been treated by gypsum, ligament or splint shall be denied entry unless he has a medical report.

In case of suspicion of any material that is not mentioned in the circular of the above mentioned, refer to the direct official or the administration.

In the event of a permit from the visited prison to enter one of the prohibited materials mentioned above, the permit must be approved by the Administration Manager or his Assistant.

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